Popularity isn’t just for celebrities, politicians, businessmen, and internet personalities. Like most well-known figures, websites rely heavily on popularity to gain more viewership and develop page authority links.

For search engines such as Google, through the use of sophisticated and cutting-edge link analysis, determining which pages are related, and where and how far this relationship goes can take in just a matter of minutes. Tulsa SEO has tested marketing strategies that promotes better searchability.

Search Engine crawlers visit a site and collects all information it could get before feeding it back to its database. It also collects all the pages linked to a page in the website and will probably follow these pages if they are internal links. Learn more on How Search Engines Process Links.

Gain Authority Through Trusted Pages

Tulsa SEOExactly how important it is for a website to get linked to a popular site page with authority? Before we dwell into the steps to help gain more credibility on a webpage, it is important that we understand what an authority link is and why it even exists.

Let’s take for example treating a scar on your arm. Would you rather listen to the advise given by ten people who have had a similar experience than listen to a dermatologist who has the expertise and training in treating scars?

Of course, you would trust an expert advise. This is basically how authority linking works. If your webpage is linked to trusted sites such as Huffington Post, Forbes, Google Blog, and the likes; then it is expected that search engines will give your website a better ranking, which entails that your pages are influential enough and is certainly not a spam.

Page Authority (PA) or a score used to predict the overall ranking of a website in the search results offer valuable assistance to web developers. Unlike Domain Authority which predicts a domain’s ranking, PA is on a page to page level.

Web developers often put great consideration in PA scores to determine which pages within the site needs improvement and how to improve them basing on the competitor page with better ranking. This is a practice in SEO Bridgeport which brought in positive results. By downloading the Moz Toolbar, you can easily check the PAs of your webpages.

Begin Building The Page Links

Now that we are clear on what PAs can do for your site pages, let us talk about how to begin building a page that will make your website more credible.

Attract Links

Optimizing a page one at a time is a good place to start since PA measure the ability of a page to rank. One key step is to produce a quality content; one that is well crafted, longer and informative, and contains topics that naturally attracts links.

More in-depth content typically will serve as a resource for your readers, to bloggers and journalists covering the same or a similar topic. The more links from your webpages is being used as a resource or supporting facts, your PA number will certainly rise, which is exactly what we should aim for.

Distribute And Redistribute

When one or two pages starts gaining better Page Authority score, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the rest of the pages in the website will follow suit on its own. The same goes for Domain Authority on your website, a high DA doesn’t spell high PAs for the individual pages.

The trick is to distribute and redistribute page links all throughout the website. Interlinking page links will bring in more visitors to navigate throughout the site, instead of just leaving right after landing on a particular link.

Talk Sensible Topics

In-depth content can be used as a resource for readers and writers, we have established that. But this isn’t the only reason why a meaty and juicy content is important.

By covering more relevant topics and twisting every angle possible, you are giving the website volume, which is needed to gain authority and trust from its readers. The bigger the readership grows, the better. Get more ideas on this article.

Authority Link Building

Authority Link Building

Lean Right Before Turning Left

There is no strict or step by step rule in promoting your website and webpages. But understanding the basics and learning simple tricks will give a better head start. Lean toward the right direction before you spiral down after turning left and let Tulsa SEO guide you.

Remember to always check for relevant items on the search page, the top ranking competitor links, and your overall website content. Keeping tabs of everything and anything won’t stir you away from better Page Authority scores.