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This is the next post in a series of blog posts meant to educate small and medium sized business on Albany NY SEO. We want you to understand why digital marketing and search engine optimization is critical in remaining competitive in this new era of technology and consumer behaviors.

plant the seeds across the internet to grow your off-page seoThis post is about how to go about planting the seeds on the web to be traced back to your website. Neil Patel has a great off-page SEO blog post on his site.

Off page SEO is the type of search engine marketing that is performed outside of your website. We usually refer to back-linking strategy as off-page SEO. Think of Wikipedia for a second. Wikipedia is perhaps the most widely used and cited website around these days. Because so many links around the world are referencing Wikipedia, it has HUGE power.

When people link to a website, it receives credibility. One link at a time. Now back-linking has been referred to as the grand-daddy of SEO, and perhaps the most crucial component of gaining notoriety.

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From our experience, most sites within local niche markets can easily rank without having a comprehensive back-linking profile. This is good news for most small businesses, because backlinks are time consuming to do the right way.

A diversified back link profile is essential, here are some examples of the links you need to seek out:

  • Branded Links – These are the kinds of links that link to your homepage or internal pages. They have an anchor text and the anchor text is something that contains your brand name, ‘Neovora’.
  • Generic Links – These are links that have a typical anchor text link, something like ‘click here’, ‘read more’, ‘on this page’.
  • Naked Links – These are links that have the domain as the anchor text. These would be hyperlink that is,
  • Anchor Text – Be careful with these, as they are incredibly powerful. They are a link that points to your site, with a targeted keyword as the anchor text. The anchor for a plumber might be “Albany Plumber”.

When you are seeking links that point to your site, you need to identify the kinds of websites that can provide links. Some are:

  • Blog Comments – These are a valuable link building source. If you have your own personal blog on your website, it will be a great place to share your content and get your naked links on relevant pages.
  • Directories – Internet directories need to be built far and wide. Directories can be nationwide, local, and niche specific. Surely you can find several dozen directories. Make sure you fill out these profiles fully with contact information, business information, media, and all kinds of relevant profiles links within.
  • Social Profiles – There are dozens of social profiles out there that you can use to build a solid back linking structure. These profiles are excellent because they provide a place to hold several other links. Real businesses have many different internet profiles, personalities and interact on many places on the internet.
  • Industry and Association Links– Are there any organizations, business associations, or alumni associations that can give you links? The BBB, the local plumbers union, and your alma mater are all great places to start looking.
  • Web 2.0– In our systems, we have dozens of web 2.0 profiles that we use on a daily basis. These are good for social media marketing as well. These web 2.0 properties give us an excellent place to share our images, videos, and all types of web content.

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This should be a good starting point for your implementation efforts. If you’re going the route alone, that is. If you are interested in seeing what kind link profile you currently have, be sure to visit the link here for a free website analysis.

We provide this free of charge, so as to better help you understand where you stand on your internet marketing efforts. As a top SEO Expert, we are willing to help the local community grow and develop.

Be sure to check in often to read about other SEO tactics you can implement. If this post was of help to you, be sure to visit the other videos in our Albany SEO Company series!