What We Do

Are you ever worried that:

  • You won’t have enough leads each month?

  • Your marketing isn’t as effective as you need it to be?

  • You’re not getting enough appointments scheduled?

  • You could be targeting the wrong audience?

  • The messaging to your prospects isn’t clear?

  • You’re not going to get enough new clients to support the goals you’ve set for yourself?

  • That there might even be a chance that this business isn’t going to work out quite the way you planned?

Running a business in the 21st century
is no simple task.

The best methods for generating qualified prospects today have shifted from the use of newspapers, radio, and T.V. to the major search engines of Bing, Yahoo, and Google. And it never ceases to amaze us how willing these major search engines are willing to change the rules, creating a constantly moving target that is increasingly more difficult to hit.

Everything seems to be moving and morphing at light speed and it’s taking all your time and energy to keep up.

Are you keeping up?

Think about this from your prospects’ point of view.

Right now… regardless of what you sell (accounting services, plastic surgery procedures, legal solutions, homes, automobiles, dental surgery, retail B2C), your prospects are actively searching for the solution to their problems, whether they actually know what the solution is or not.

When they come to your website, or call in to your office, they are hoping you have the solution to end this problem.

But what they find is that your story is exactly the same as all of your competitors.

So, how do they make a buying decision?

When all things are equal… how does a prospect decide?

They choose the company with the lowest price.

So then it becomes a race to the bottom.

Whichever competitor has the lowest price, wins.

But does the prospect truly win? Or does everyone essentially lose?

Let us ask you:

  • Do you feel your business should be considered as a commodity by prospects?

  • Is your law firm or medical clinic just the same as all the other? Nothing special at all?

  • Is your automobile dealership the same as the one down the street?

  • What about your pizza restaurant or your clothing store? All the same?

  • Are you truly just like all the rest of the providers in your market?

If not, how do your prospects know the difference?

Why should they choose your business?

We understand that you are looking to grow your business…

But in order to truly grow, as businesses in competitive markets… we need to overcome the commodity mindset of our target market. We need to bring a message of value to our prospects. A message that transcends price… a message that transcends what our competitors are communicating.

Fortunately… communicating this message can be very simple… enabling you to make it crystal clear to your prospects exactly why and how you are the best solution for them. This clear messaging gives you a strong advantage in your marketplace so you can completely dominate your competition.

But you need a system to create this type of messaging…

This is where Neovora comes in…

You will develop and deploy a unique message that enables your prospects to recognize that you are the only solution for them… regardless of price. All without having to change anything in the way you currently do business.

Neovora will show you the exact 3-step formula to achieving a dynamic and compelling marketing message, a message that distances you from all your local competitors and a message that creates tremendous value in the products and services you offer. Price will become secondary in your prospects’ minds.

Orange Socks

But think about it for a second… if you were in a crowded room… and you could literally see the color of everyone’s socks… they were all black… and one person was wearing bright orange socks… you’d clearly notice them… they would clearly stand out.

This is where our concept of “Orange Socks” comes in.

In a sea of “sameness”…. You will stand out strong among your competition.

Through a process we call “Calculated Differentiation,” we reset your team’s mindset of what it is your business does and how valuable your products and services are to your clients.

Then, through a series of steps, we walk you through exactly how to create a dynamically unique message that your prospects will be attracted to.

The majority of prospects are coming to you with a commodity paradigm. Vendors have trained prospects in nearly every industry to focus on “price” versus “value” as they have demonstrated zero differentiation.

By following our step-by-step Calculated Differentiation Formula, you will turn these commodity-seeking price buyers into new value-driven clients.

Calculated Differentiation

Each time the phone rings or someone visits your website or sees your ad on Google or in a magazine, you have an opportunity to show what makes your business special and unique.

However, many people feel that telling their unique story or revolutionary methodology is bragging, or inappropriate in some way, so they just don’t say anything.

By acknowledging all of the education, hard work, and attention to detail you and your staff have gone through to build your business into what it is today, the mindset of your team dramatically shifts and transforms… and the corresponding message that you have been able to create from the Calculated Differentiation process will now be the centerpiece of all of your company marketing.

How Do You Differentiate Your Business?

Calculated Differentiation is achieved by targeting 3 areas of your business: your mindset, your messaging, and your systems. We begin this systematic approach by first addressing your company’s mindset.

Our Marketing Agency

To help you achieve calculated differentiation, Neovora is a full-service marketing agency and business consultancy and we work closely with you to build out your system.

And for those who want to go about it yourselves or have your own marketing teams, we have several in-depth courses focused on teaching you how to implement each one of these 3 pillars within your own business.

Our Marketing Courses

Our courses include audio and video tutorials, transcripts and slides, delivered in a private member’s area where you come and go online any time you please, day or night.

Your Long Term Success

And to help ensure your long-term success, we also include worksheets and scripts, track your progress through the courses, and provide you with case studies as examples of other business’ success as they went through the same transformations as you will soon achieve.

If creating a unique marketing message for your target market makes sense, and you no longer want to have your company perceived as a commodity… we invite you to learn more about how Calculated Differentiation can lead to increased sales, longer term client retention, and overall improved profitability.

To learn more about how you can grow your business through Calculated Differentiation, follow the links below:






Follow-Up Mastery

This course will teach the effectiveness of continued communication with prospects who have not purchased yet. Through the many strategies of follow-up, you can turn even unmotivated prospects into lifelong clients. If the ultimate objective is to make the most amount of sales and convert more prospects, then this is the course for you and your team. You will immediately see the benefit of follow-up with more sales and new clients and a better ROI on your advertising


Business Phone Mastery

You spend hard-earned marketing dollars to get prospects to call in to your place of business. But how effective is your team at getting that appointment booked? Do you have a strategy in place for maximizing every inbound prospect call? Have you armed your team with scripts that guide the call into getting the appointment? Do you have the most common questions prospects ask, and a set of scripts on how to answer them and overcome objections? Our Business Phone Mastery course arms your team with these assets and teaches them confidence on the phone.