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You’ve set up your social media accounts, you post social media content frequently, you have some followers (you maybe even paid to get some). You are working with a firm that does SEO Services in Texas. Probably, you’ve hired a social media marketing company or a specialist to do everything for you, but nothing seems to be working. Social media marketing benefits are something you have only read and heard but never seen.

Conversions are as low as they used to be, engagement is non-existent and you spend more dollars on social media marketing than you make. Stop now! You’ve got it all wrong! What’s wrong with SEO Services in Texas?

I’m sure you are making ALL of the following tragic social media marketing mistakes. We were making these very same mistakes at the beginning of our Online Marketing strategy implementation!

Mistake #1: You don’t have a social media marketing strategy (but you think you do).

Yeah, “I’m going to create  accounts in all top social media sites and post content every now and then” is NOT a strategy and will take you absolutely nowhere. You are only wasting money, time, energy and content and I’m not surprised you don’t see ANY results. This isn’t only in Round Rock, Texas, but everywhere!

The Fix: PLAN! Before starting to create accounts and posting content blindly, you must understand your audience. See in which platforms they are hanging out and what they are interested in. Look at what your competitors are doing (so you can differentiate) and make sure you have a distinct, yet consistent, voice across all social media platforms. Set realistic goals you can easily measure; such as increasing brand awareness, website traffic or conversion, etc.  and create a social media calendar with the content you will be posting.

Mistake #2 in SEO Services: You have too many accounts in too many platforms, too soon.

You are making your life difficult for no reason. The thing is, you don’t have the time to post quality content to a bunch of accounts, engage your audience in all of them, and then follow up with all the comments, questions, etc. And if your followers see that your last post or interaction was months ago, you only look disorganized. This strategy is ultimately counter-productive.

The Fix: FOCUS! Keep it simple in the beginning, and prioritize quality over quantity, especially when it comes to the content you deliver. Then you can start creating more accounts and branching out when you are sure you are delivering valuable content, you see results and you can afford to spend more time on social media management.

Mistake #3: You are paying for fake likes and followers. 

Social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook are deleting millions of users with fake or bot-created accounts, so be careful before paying for thousands of followers and likes. And yes, those two elements are important for social proof, but they won’t take you anywhere. You don’t expect ROI, engagement, and conversions to increase from spam accounts and bots, right?

SEO Services Texas – NO NO

The Fix: BUILD RELATIONSHIPS! Study your audience, understand their pain points and get to know them. Communicate in a natural way and give solutions to real problems. Rather than caring so much for numbers, focus more on building genuine relationships with your customer. Only by having real followers will you then see real results.

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The Bottom Line- SEO Services Texas

Social media marketing has to be done right, or not done at all. Before starting to move forward with your social media campaigns, make sure you set realistic, both short-term and long-term goals, and that you focus on crafting really good content that answers the questions of real people.

SEO Services Texas

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