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While the competitive business landscape in New England has become fiercer, those local businesses that have embraced a solid Bridgeport SEO and overall lead generation strategy, one that leverages the massive power of the internet, have grown significantly. Neovora works with each of its clients to accomplish yet one specific goal, Local Market Domination.

What is local market domination, and how do we achieve it? Local market domination is when one business is able to place their business website and ancillary pages across the first page of Google.

Incredible Lead Generation is A Result of Bridgeport SEO

Ranking among the top rankings for target keywords is the number one way to build leads and grow your client base. In this day and age, leads are the number one way to guarantee the long-lasting success of your business. Lead generation via the internet is the most effective and efficient way to grow your business from a ROI perspective.

Looking towards the future and adoption rates for internet users and mobile devices, it’s a no brainer that local market domination is the best way to solidify a business.

Take the test yourself, now. Go to Google and type in “your industry + your city”. Where is your website? Who amongst those results do you know? Is their business thriving?

If you are within the top 5 results, you are doing quite well. Chances are that you are developing a steady stream of business leads. This passive stream of leads is something to be desired.

What about those businesses further down the list? Near the bottom of the first page of the results page? These businesses MAYBE get 2-3% of the traffic on this first page. Nothing interesting to see here.

Its truly all or nothing when it comes to Google results and Bridgeport SEO. You NEED to be among the top ranking pages to feel any increase in lead generation. It completely drops off the cliff once you go to page two. Nobody views page two, or three for that matter.

The Internet Age and Search Engine Optimization

Why does Google matter so much for Bridgeport SEO?

While traditional media has been the constant for over a hundred years, Google has taken the internet and created a permanent disruptive technology, one that every local company in Bridgeport should be taking advantage of. In fact, there are over 1 Trillion searches conducted every single year, with over 3.5 Billion searches per day. Google dominates this market with just over 89% of all search traffic.

The world has turned their attention to the internet. Newspapers, TV, Radio and local print publications, while previously being the main channels of advertising for Local Businesses in Bridgeport, are literally dying a slow death every single day. As they die, their prices continue to skyrocket, as it’s the only way they can afford to keep the lights on.

Best Bridgeport SEO Agency Costs

Conversely, SEO costs have become more affordable.  Look around, everyone is using the internet. We use it to research a restaurant to eat at for dinner, as well as to research a new dentist in the neighborhood. We use the internet to learn about the most innovative new kitchen designs before choosing a contractor to work with, to finding and learning more about the new cars on the market.

In fact, while attending a recent conference, a Greenville SEO Agency outlined that costs and overall ROI on SEO related services had outpaced traditional media by over 6 to 1 during the last 4 years along. This is huge.

SEO Expert Services in Connecticut

And, because of the massive usage of the internet, SEO costs for Bridgeport SEO Services have literally become the most cost effective method of overall lead generation and customer acquisition for most local businesses.

There are several components to a well-balanced customer acquisition attack; the following are just a few of the tactics that Neovora leverages for your local business:

Email Marketing – By leveraging the power of email, a local business is better able to segment both their prospect list as well as client list. You are able to send out specific and targeted emails to each individual segment that speaks more clearly with each segment. No, all clients are not created equal, and not all clients need to be treated and communicated in the same manner.

Social Media Marketing – Google has decided to make Social Media Marketing a priority, which means, your company and our company need to make Social Media Marketing a priority. Google says that if your local website is not being tweeted about, Liked on Facebook, and “Pinned” (Pinterest), that it will not reward you in the search engines. It has now been proven those local businesses that leverage social stacking, a method that Neovora deploys with all clients, that they will be strongly rewarded in the search engine results.

Our Favorite Marketing Technique For Connecticut Businesses

Content Marketing- Publishing blogs to your site is a leading way to grow your site’s power. Content in the form of text posts and content can personify your business and allow you to show off your expertise. Prospects are constantly looking to know about the businesses that offer the solutions they need. These posts provide content for them to consume in the case they are unsure of their purchase.

The content can develop prospects into leads by nurturing them. Furthermore, content acts as a powerful way to syndicate your brand and links across the web. Using powerful tools, we are able to direct all traffic back to your website, and into your contact book.

If your business does not have a well-laid-out online strategy to generate qualified prospects who are actively seeking the solutions you provide, you will simply be paying too much for every new client, not to mention, you’ll be losing significant market share each and every day to your competitors.

What To Consider in a Bridgeport SEO Agency

When it comes to Bridgeport SEO, we are the trusted partner for you. Working across the nation, we are able to implement our systems in specific markets and for specific niche professions. We started in Round Rock, TX but now operate in more than 12 markets around the US. The need to expand past Texas is because we only work with one partner in each local market and each niche market.

This means we only help one business achieve local market domination. We cannot take two partners in the same market. As such, we work around the nation to help small and mid-sized businesses achieve their goals.

Consider our own industry and how you found our website. Likely you searched for Bridgeport SEO and came across this very website. Why? Because its ranking at the top of the page. Within our own industry, we have already passed the test. Search engine optimization companies can be tested depending on WHERE they are ranking on Google for the main keywords.

If a orthodontist has patients walking out the door with perfectly aligned teeth, they’ve passed the test. A doctor whose patients age into their 90s passes the test. A Bridgeport SEO agency that ranks among the top 3, passes the test.

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